live sample boxes

plan ahead

It’s time to be more prepared as a live seller. With our help you’ll be able to plan up to 3 months of live sample boxes that you’ll be able to feel confident that you can push and sell. Especially knowing that all the samples are open packs, no minimums and no commitments.

show time

Buying a box or borrowing you’ll be able to customize your sample box to meet your budget. The hive will consolidate and curate your sample live box so you can showcase & “go live” when borrowing you’ll have three days to showcase, take photos, videos and all the content you need to recycle and continue to make money.

live ready

Time is money, no more hours of inputting, taking photos or descriptions. Once you have selected your box you’ll receive an email of a downloadable csv file of all your samples. Once you receive your box you’ll be prepared with all the product knowledge and be live ready.


When closing out your orders, you’ll be able to fulfill all of them here at one spot. No more chasing vendors. No more confusing spread sheets and no more refunding your customers.


Katrina DiMiele has been live selling since 2016 and has personally generated over 21 million dollars in just doing live sales.

Katrina is known to be the queen of lives and should be because she has been live for well over 14,000 hours and still counting. Her dedication and passion has always been to help other boutiques owners succeed and now that she has mastered the craft she recognizes a need for the live selling industry. She feels compelled to share, cultivate and educate.

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live selling

Let’s tackle what’s stopping you from becoming a live sale queen bee you are and let’s dive deeper into the professional world of live selling. No matter where you are at in your social selling journey there is always something new to learn.


Partnering with the best of the industry we are able to offer custom solutions, insight and hands on guidance that will give you the freedom you need and help you make your time off camera more profitable.

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